Dan Liu    VP Corporate Partnerships Chair

Dan Liu

VP Corporate Partnerships Chair

Dan Liu

VP, Corporate Partnerships Chair

As VP Partnerships Chair, Dan and his team are responsible for identifying and securing corporate partners to support and fund the many marketing events and initiatives of the AMA Southern Connecticut Chapter. As part of his function, Dan closely collaborates with sponsor partners to ensure they receive optimal value from their AMA business package relationships.

Dan has extensive experience building brands in a variety of B2C categories including CPG, non-profits, consumer durables, financial services and healthcare. Over the years, Dan has worked at notable marketing agencies such as Doner Advertising, Young & Rubicam, TBWA\Worldwide (residing and working overseas in Europe for almost a decade) and now a CT-based marketing firm he helped co-found…BARN (Branding, Advertising, Repositioning, Narrative).

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